1 in 4 consumers want to be entertained while shopping

1 in 4 consumers want to be entertained while shopping
1 in 4 consumers want to be entertained while shopping

As consumers become accustomed to the constant stimuli of digital multitasking, many shoppers are finding that the act of To entertain them, purchasing them is not enough.

In numbers

The “How connected devices enable multitasking for digital-first consumersThe ” edition of the PYMNTS Intelligence study “How We Will Pay” is based on a survey of more than 4,600 U.S. consumers to understand how they use connected devices and apps to perform multiple tasks in different areas of their lives.

What consumers do with connected devices

The results showed that of the three-quarters of consumers who used connected devices when shopping for retail products or groceries, almost one in three did so for leisure or entertainment purposes. The result suggests that consumers want to be entertained while shopping.

In addition, the share of consumers who used their connected devices for leisure or entertainment activities while shopping exceeded the share of consumers who used them for work-related tasks, restaurant ordering, or other activities. or Completing housework.

The data in context

Retailers are trying to create more immersive and entertaining shopping experiences. In the spring, for example, Walmart started Walmart Empirea playful marketplace with more immersive virtual stores, created in collaboration with influencers and aligned with social media trends.

“Permeated by Datawe have been tracking these three trends: Customers like the brands they shop from more when they have unique virtual experiences; Customers want to be entertained while shopping; (and) Customers like and are inspired by virtual games where they can instantly purchase items they discover,” Justin Bretonthe retailer’s director of brand experiences and strategic partnerships, told PYMNTS in May.

Plus, Zara brings his Live shopping broadcastswhich have gained popularity in China, to the US to make shopping more fun.

“We want to bring this to Western countries where livestreaming is not as popular… but we think why not – from an entertainment perspective, this is like an evolution,” a Zara spokesperson for the project said last month.

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