DIY Daiso Dessert! The super-easy mochi candy kit from the 100-yen store is our new hero – SoraNews24 -Japan News-

DIY Daiso Dessert! The super-easy mochi candy kit from the 100-yen store is our new hero – SoraNews24 -Japan News-
DIY Daiso Dessert! The super-easy mochi candy kit from the 100-yen store is our new hero – SoraNews24 -Japan News-

When it’s so easy and affordable, there’s really no reason not to eat Warabi Mochi.

Daiso is not Japan’s favorite 100-yen shop not only because of the low prices, but also because of the incredible selection. It seems like every time we stop by, we find something amazing that we didn’t know they sold and suddenly realize we need it.

The latest example: During our last visit to Daiso, we discovered that they have super easy-to-use kits for making your own mochi candy!

This kit is specifically designed for the production of Warabi Mochia wobbly mochi dessert. The kit costs only 100 yen (US$0.65) and contains all the ingredients you need except some water.The necessary equipment you will need is a bowl, something to stir with, a spatula and a microwave.

Open the pack and you will find three packets inside. The white one is Mochi flourthe brown one is kinako (sweet roasted soybean powder), and the black is Subscribe to (a molasses-like sugar syrup used in traditional Japanese desserts).

Start by mixing the mochi flour with water in a bowl and stir. We used the entire 50-gram package of flour, which requires 230 milliliters of water. The resulting mixture should have a milky color and consistency.

Next, put the mixture in the microwave. The instructions say to heat the mixture for a total of four minutes at 500 watts, but it’s best to break this up into one-minute increments, removing the bowl and stirring occasionally to ensure the mixture hardens evenly.

After the first and second time in the microwave, we didn’t notice much of a change. But the third time, the difference was dramatic, with a translucent gelatin forming in the middle!

Stir and you’ll feel that it’s now in a half-solid, half-liquid state, making it feel half like a cooking project and half like a science experiment.

After another stay in the microwave, the mixture should now be a sticky paste.

Now you need a little more strength, but stir well a few more times, then Pour it into a container, making sure to leave some space inside..

Next, we need to let the mixture cool down, but for this you should not put it in the fridge. Instead cover the mixture with cold water from the tap.

The instructions in the kit are quite vague on the exact amount, only saying to “cover it with plenty of water poured over the top,” so we filled the container up.

The water does not dissolve the gelatin and After one to two hours the mixture should be solid and cool.

Now it is time cut the mixture into cubeswhat you can do with a spatula.

At this point you have a bowl of warabi mochi! So, technically this is warabi mochi, but before you get started, you’ll want to spice it up a bit, and that’s where Kinako and Kuromitsu come in. Open the packets, pour them on…

…and now you are really ready to eat!

What makes warabi mochi a classic Japanese dessert is its simplicity. And that uncomplicated deliciousness is 100 percent present in this 100-yen DIY version. Place it on a fancy plate and maybe even add a pinch of matcha green tea powder if you have some on hand. You’ve got an easy-to-make, easy-to-enjoy dessert for the next time you have friends over or just feel like Japanese sweets.

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