Car races through a store in Selma

Car races through a store in Selma
Car races through a store in Selma

SELMA, NC – A driver fleeing from police on July 4th caused major damage to a popular Selma business, Surf N Turf.

Surveillance cameras captured the dramatic scene as the car sped down East Anderson Street, hit a light pole and finally crashed into the decades-old lawn mower factory.

Joseph Arant and Matt Pearce, who have owned the store for years, were shocked to see the damage.

The store was closed because of the holiday and fortunately all employees had finished work and left the building.

“It was total chaos. I mean, everything. Our counter was destroyed and all the products over there were basically scattered everywhere,” said Joseph Arant, co-owner.

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The driver, identified as 37-year-old Tyrone Jones, is the man behind the wheel of this Gray Hyundai recorded a video showing Jones jumping out of the car after the accident.

The owners told WRAL News that Jones was found in hiding. Backroom found behind a stack of tires and taken into custody.

“It’s just heartbreaking when you put so much time and effort into it and someone destroys it in seconds. Just out of carelessness,” Arant said.

Since the crash, the small town of Selma has been supporting business owners.

“The support in the community. We’ve gotten a lot of calls and a lot of people have reached out to help us and get things. They’ve been really nice to us. It’s a close-knit community,” said Matt Pearce, co-owner.

Arant and Pearce remain positive, but they tell me it’s hard to see the fruits of their labor destroyed by the actions of others.

“Just think of everyone else. In this world today, everyone is only concerned with themselves. We have lost a lot of our sense of community and concern for other people, and that is sad,” Arant said.

WRAL News is still waiting for a response from Selma Police for more information on what caused the accident.

In the meantime, the owners of Surf N Turf hope to resume operations in the next few weeks.