A day of celebration: Airport Dimensions, SSP and Travel Food Services open the Kyra Lounge at Hong Kong Airport: Moodie Davitt Report

A day of celebration: Airport Dimensions, SSP and Travel Food Services open the Kyra Lounge at Hong Kong Airport: Moodie Davitt Report
A day of celebration: Airport Dimensions, SSP and Travel Food Services open the Kyra Lounge at Hong Kong Airport: Moodie Davitt Report

HONG KONG, CHINA. In a groundbreaking and powerful triangular partnership, Airport Dimensions, SSP Group and Travel Food Services (TFS) officially opened their new Kyra Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on Monday (8 July).

Following the event, a media launch of the new facility took place on Tuesday, attended by local and international titles, including the Moodie Davitt Report, a representative of the travel retail sector.

Pictured at the inauguration are, from right to left: Ricky Leung, Executive Director of Engineering and Technology, Airport Authority Hong Kong; Errol McGlothan, President EMEA & APAC of Airport Dimensions; Mignon Buckingham, CEO of Airport Dimensions; Steven Yiu, Executive Director of Airport Operations, Airport Authority Hong Kong; Jonathan Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of SSP Asia Pacific; Varun Kapur, Executive Director of TFS; and TWLeung, General Manager of the Terminal.

You can read our original story detailing the key principles of the Kyra Lounge, its design and final execution Here.

During our tour, we spoke to Varun Kapur, Executive Director of TFS, Andrew Van Eeden, VP Global New Product & Innovations of Airport Dimensions, and Jonathan Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of SSP Asia Pacific, about the collaboration (look out for a more in-depth interview with Robinson about the Asia Pacific market soon).

“The entire design of the lounge is conceived to reflect the day,” said Van Eeden, highlighting the careful segmentation and theming of Kyra, which is intended to reflect the sun’s daily cycle, the circadian rhythm (Kyra roughly translates to “ray of light”).

Martin Moodie and Varun Kapur, Executive Director of Travel Food Services, chat in the Kyra Lounge Bar

This segmentation, he explained, reflects the expected consumer behavior of travelers who enter the lounge and first use the dining area (designed to evoke the morning sun, its rays of light piercing through the clouds), where SSP and TFS have created a varied international and local menu.

Guests then enter a spacious and elegant bar, the design of which captures the feeling and energy of the midday sun.

Later, they can relax in the hospitality area (and enjoy the stunning views of the airfield and mountains surrounding Lantau Island), get some work done in the productivity area, and unwind in the beautifully designed relaxation area.

The entrance to the lounge features strong Kyra branding and offers immediate panoramic views of the airfield
SSP Asia Pacific Managing Director – Greater China Yumi Li and Martin Moodie

The Kyra Lounge is located next to the central hall of Terminal 1 near Gate 23 and can accommodate over 150 guests.

Its clientele includes members of the Priority Pass network of the Collinson Group, the parent company of Airport Dimension, as well as guests of LoungeKey. The room is also available to all HKIA travellers who can purchase entry online or in the lounge.

Asked about the collaboration between the three players, Kapur told the Moodie Davitt Report: “It worked very well. I think we worked out the principles carefully. We worked as a team and everyone focused on their strengths to work together across projects.”

SSP’s Robinson agreed: “They are three very different companies with different working philosophies. But actually everything went together very smoothly.”

“You have teams in three different time zones, three different countries and many different cultures, but it really worked.”

There are numerous other talking points throughout the lounge, including multiple electric car charging stations in the seating areas and at the tables, as well as unusually elegant washroom facilities.

The cumulative effect achieves exactly what a high-quality airport lounge should do: namely, to take the guest – to quote Thomas Gray and Thomas Hardy – far away from the raging crowd. ✈

While they may not be included in many lounge profiles, the standard of washrooms is key to customer satisfaction, a point underlined by the high quality finishes in Kyra Lounge facilities.

A convergence of art, amenities, hospitality and ssustainability

Kyra was developed in collaboration with the design company Studio 5 InternationalThe interiors – which feature a wide range of colour schemes from warm beiges to dark greens – are inspired by the daily cycles of the sun and nature, according to Airport Dimensions.

Each area of ​​the lounge, from the bar to the quiet relaxation zone, offers contrasting experiences to appeal to the lounge’s diverse guest profile.

The design is based on three elemental forces – twilight rays, waves and fireplace – which are intended to create a multi-sensory experience. Dynamic lighting imitates sunlight breaking through the clouds, a wave-like ceiling element evokes the movement of the ocean and a central fireplace invites you to feel good and relax.

The bar offers a wide selection of premium beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks, as well as cocktails and mocktails specially created for Kyra.

Guests can sample alcoholic creations such as Fragrant Harbour, a nod to the affectionate name for Hong Kong.

Please note the additional information on the white and red wines on offer, which is intended not only for enjoyment but also to educate consumers.

Non-alcoholic mocktails include “Kowloon Sunrise,” which stars homemade fiery ginger syrup with citrus and herbal undertones.

Sustainability is key to the Kyra concept. Solar louvres have been installed on the windows to regulate the temperature in the lounge, reducing the need for air conditioning and energy consumption.

The lounge also features an innovative daylight harvesting system. This ‘open’ lighting control adjusts the artificial light intensity depending on the availability of daylight, resulting in significant energy savings. To further enhance its sustainability credentials, the Kyra Lounge uses locally manufactured furniture, thereby reducing the carbon footprint caused by long-distance transport.

In collaboration with art and technology specialist Digital Art Fair, six digital artworks from Hong Kong-based collective The Chinese Dictionary have been curated to showcase the best of digital storytelling

Guests can use the QR codes to access further information about the digital art exhibition


The dining area is designed to evoke the early morning sun. Note the eye-catching installation above the food counter on the right of the image. Kyra Lounge offers a premium food and beverage offering curated by SSP and TFS. The menu includes Eastern elements such as Chinese rice porridge and Cantonese dim sum, as well as popular Hong Kong street food such as fish siu mai and traditional curry fish balls. There are also a number of Western dishes, including baked macaroni and cheese and couscous salad.

The lounge is provided with plenty of natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows and offers breathtaking views of the airfield and the mountains.

Sustainably built from reclaimed typhoon-damaged trees, the wooden bar offers an eclectic selection of drinks, including cocktails and mocktails, and stunning views.

Time to work or relax. Guests can check their emails or simply relax while reading or looking out over the airfield.

All tables have numerous power charging stations for those who work on the go

And now the mood changes. Guests can enjoy some peace and quiet before their flight in the relaxation area. The deep colors, softly padded seats and artificial fireplace create a serene atmosphere.