The 3 Hardest Places in New Jersey to Be Nice

The 3 Hardest Places in New Jersey to Be Nice
The 3 Hardest Places in New Jersey to Be Nice

If you live in New Jersey, you know that most people try to be nice, but here are three places in New Jersey where it’s impossible to be nice, no matter how hard you try.

New Jersey doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being nice, but residents know that we are generally a friendly bunch here in the Garden State.

It’s not always easy to be nice in New Jersey

Still, there are places where even our best intentions to be kind fail miserably. We found three such places in the Garden State, though we’re sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s see if you agree with our top three places in New Jersey where it’s hardest to be nice.

Garden State Parkway. Frankly, that’s true of every road in New Jersey, but the Parkway seems to be a place where good cheer goes out the window. Drivers on freeways probably feel the same way.

Two more places in New Jersey where it’s hard to be nice

Supermarket parking spaces. Don’t even bother bringing your good humor when you’re in a New Jersey supermarket parking lot. You’re taking bad driving to a new level.

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The accountant’s officeThere is one thing we cannot avoid in New Jersey, no matter how hard we try: taxes, and in New Jersey they always hit us hard.

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As we said, there are probably a dozen more things that could be put on this list.

Only in New Jersey do we have to create five top three lists to cover all the things that put us in a bad mood.

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