Triple H made his best creative decision yet at Money in the Bank

Triple H made his best creative decision yet at Money in the Bank
Triple H made his best creative decision yet at Money in the Bank

With Money in the bank Completed, Triple H may have made his best creative decision yet. But some people don’t agree.

The internet wrestling community is at it again. What’s the commotion this time?

Drew McIntyrefailed “cash-in” of the Money in the bank Briefcase in Toronto last Saturday. As usual, but this time even more special, IWC couldn’t be WRONG!

It was the right decision

Despite what the basement dwellers say, this could actually be Triple H’s biggest creative decision yet. One important thing that Vince McMahonThe bookings of the last few years were the predictability factor.

Theme-specific PLEs only make things worse because each year the writers are forced to work towards specific storylines. For the first time in a few years, that’s not the case with the MITB Men’s Bank Briefcase.

Each character involved has been developed throughout the match, but now Triple H is free to go in any direction with ALL characters.

It really can be Tiffy time

The biggest winner in this whole scenario is Tiffany StrattonWith no MITB cash-in to be conducted for the men, the path is now clear to put 100% of the creative effort into Stratton’s inevitable rise to the top of the women’s division.

Often times, the MITB women’s cash-in is overshadowed by the women themselves, but with that out of the way this year, “Tiffy Time” will be up there as a true main event performer for the first time.

The inevitable cash-in with Bayley for the WWE Women’s Championship, WWE gives a fresh story between one of the best that ever was and the future. With 8+ months to go until WrestlingMania and three large PLEs in between (SummerSlam, Survival seriesAnd Royal Rumble), time is money and that is exactly what this story is about.


Many IWC members said Cm Punk and McIntyre didn’t need any of that. But in reality he did.

Punk not only cheated McIntyre again at the World Championship, but tensions flared up between him and Seth Rollins out of WrestlingMania season. Rollins told Punk months ago to stay out of his business.

Punk did this for months until he didn’t anymore – at least in the eyes of the beholder (in this case, Rollins himself).

The breakdown is simple:

Punk vs. McIntyre = big money match.

Punk vs. Rollins = Match for big money

Rollins vs. McIntyre = a money match that needs a rematch from WrestlingMania

Jey Uso didn’t need the briefcase. LA Knight didn’t need the briefcase. With all that Chad Gable going through, he certainly didn’t need the briefcase.

But to get to where WWE is going next, we ALL need CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam.

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