Which shop has the best ice cream near Brockton? Take our survey

Which shop has the best ice cream near Brockton? Take our survey
Which shop has the best ice cream near Brockton? Take our survey

BROCKTON — We’re in the middle of summer and the best way to end a sweltering hot day is to enjoy a fresh scoop of ice cream with delicious toppings.

Brockton residents, we know you love a good scoop of ice cream, and we need your vote to help decide where to find the best ice cream in the area.

National Unique Ice Cream Day is over on July 1st, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate and enjoy the delicious flavors the Brockton area and surrounding areas have to offer.

No matter what kind of ice cream you like, from soft serve to hard scoops to ice cream nachos with waffle chips, there is something for everyone.

We’ve handpicked ice cream shops with unique creations in several areas for you to vote for, including Stoughton, Easton, West Bridgewater and Raynham.

Some ice cream shops offer incredible flavors, including crème brûlée, crème de mint, eggnog with rum, Skittles, watermelon chip, pomegranate, pumpkin, Mountain Dew, Key Lime Pie, apple crisp, and bad birthday.

Imagine trying the Nantucket Blueberry, Cotton Candy, Purple Cow, Grapenut and Apple Pie flavors. Also worth trying are the chocolate-dipped frozen bananas and the liquor-flavored ice cream.

These are just a few examples of what Brockton has to offer.

The poll is now open until Monday, July 15, 11:59 p.m. You can vote here. An article about the winner will be published a few days after the poll closes.

Here are the candidates. And as always, let your taste be your guide.

Who has the best ice cream?

Daddy’s Dairy (Brockton, Stoughton)

Joyful Scoops (Middleboro)

Tom and Jimmy (Middleboro, Taunton, West Bridgewater)

Hilliards Chocolate (Easton)

Heidi’s Hollow Farm (Hanson)

Cream (Abington)

Sugar Hill Dairy (Bridgewater)

Skinner’s Sugar House (East Bridgewater)

Prisco’s Country Creamery (Bridgewater)

Slappy’s Frozen Treats (Raynham)

Ashland Farm Dairy (East Bridgewater)